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Plan 312  March, April & May 2018

Dear Pilgrim,

The Christian life is a continual journey towards God. It is a journey and there are different stages of the pilgrimage. Our God is a dynamic God, and this means that we need to check any creeping stagnation in our lives, particularly our spiritual, church and Circuit life. There are many possible things in our lives which can cause us to stagnate. Fear could be one. Fear would hold us back as a person and even as a church / worshipping congregation. As a Circuit we continue to embrace the challenge of the “Mission Possible” initiative. For some this can be a fearful activity, but we need to support each other and overcome the fear with the new life found in the resurrection power of Christ.

In the latter part of the previous quarter we began Lent. This quarter sees the culmination of the Lent season in Holy Week and the Easter weekend. Lent offers the opportunity to assess our spiritual pilgrimage. If we had decided to “give-up” something; for example watching our favourite TV programme; are we using the “spare” time to dwell deeper in the presence of Christ? Our spiritual journey should be about becoming more like Jesus (2 Corinthians 3:17-18). There needs to be “less of self and more of Jesus”.

Over the centuries, people have put self aside for the sake of their pilgrimage, with some offering to serve Christ in His Church full-time. This Spring we potentially could see Revd Jacob Donkoh being received into full connexion at Conference (pending District recommendation and Conference approval). Part of his journey involves a District Testimony service. This is to be held on the 16th June at St John’s, Bloxwich at 3.00pm. This is followed with an Ordination Service at Conference on the 1st July in Nottingham at 4.00pm. I would encourage everyone to put these dates in your diary and make the effort to support Jacob at these services.

Thus, may the resurrected Christ raise us to new life during the Easter season as we continue our pilgrimage,


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